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Better late than never, right? This product has been on the market for quite some time and it’s a staple for many naturals. I’ve been reluctant on trying new products for a while, but was forced to when I left my usual products at my third home (yeah, I’m in the process of moving).

Since I needed something quick, I finally decided to try As I Am Coconut Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner, and here’s why I love it!

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Cleans hair. I always like a product that actually does what it’s supposed to do. Some co-wash conditioners don’t really leave your hair as clean as you would like. I used this product after going almost an entire month without washing my hair.

Typically, I would use apple cider vinegar to ensure I thoroughly clean my hair. I was surprised at how clean my scalp felt having not used the ACV. This is a clear indication it will work excellent in between my real clarifying routine.

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Moisturizing. I know you’re thinking it’s a conditioner, duh. It’s supposed to moisturize, but that’s not always a given. After using this product my hair was left soft and my curls surprisingly bouncing! I didn’t have time to actually moisturize my hair thoroughly and my hair remained soft for the remainder of the day.

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Detangles. I haven’t been that successful at finding a good detangling conditioner, except my Knot Today Leave-In. This conditioner did an awesome job at detangling my hair that hadn’t really been touched in a couple weeks. The easier my detangling process, the happier I am!

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Cost effective. I’m a straight bargainista. Yeah, I made that word up, but basically I like affordable, quality items. Eight dollars for a 16 oz. jar! Yes, lawd! Anyone who buys natural hair products, knows you can’t really beat that for a cleansing conditioner. I’m not even going to lie. The price is what first attracted me to the product. It was almost love at first site when I saw the price tag.

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The scent. Yup, it smells good, too. Now don’t expect it to smell so good you want to bathe in it, but expect better than usual when it comes to natural hair products. I like coconut, so the scent is right up my ally.

I have to say, I am really impressed by this product. I know I will have it for a while, because I don’t co-wash every day. I highly recommend naturals looking for a two-in-one combo give it a try!

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