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So you want your beautiful natural tresses to come down your back, but are you doing your part to make it happen? If you think your hair isn’t growing, then you’re probably not. The reality is most likely your hair is growing, but you aren’t actually retaining the length which can be due to various factors. If you’re having problems seeing the length you want, this might be the reason:

1. Trimming hair too much or too little. There is a fine line between over-trimming and not trimming enough. Many naturals have a hard time finding that balance. If you don’t trim your hair when needed, it’s more susceptible to breakage. On the flip side of that, if you continue to constantly trim or cut your hair when it’s not needed, you will find that your hair will remain the same length. Try to pay closer attention to when your hair really needs a trim. If you stay on top of it you’ll only have to pull out the shears when absolutely necessary.

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2. Not sealing ends. Typically you should seal ends with heavy oil (Jamaican castor oil) after washing, and make it part of your daily moisture routine. I’ll be honest, I am guilty of not sticking to this, but then again I’m looking at a few unnecessary split ends as we speak! If you’re really having a hard time retaining length, take the extra time out to make sure your ends are extra moisturized, even more so than the rest of your head. Remember your ends always need extra care, because it’s the oldest part of your hair.

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3. Hair is dry. The key to growing natural hair is moisture. That will never change. If your hair is desert dry, don’t expect to retain much length.  Be sure to regularly moisturize your hair with water and a water-based product. Also seal in moisturize with oil. To make sure you keep dryness at bay, add deep conditioning to your routine.

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4. Using too much heat. If you love rocking your natural hair straight, it might be time for a break! Applying too much heat too often will only cause you problems in the long run. Using heat occasionally is okay, but don’t take it overboard to the point you’re damaging your strands. It’s not hard to spot heat damage. You know the way your hair should feel and look. Think about how often you use heat and bring it down to a minimum to get your locs back on track!

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5. Bad diet. Don’t forget to eat and drink according to your hair goals. A healthy diet will help your hair grow and retain length. Some people can eat terribly and still have great looking hair. It’s the same scenario when people can eat whatever they want and not get fat! If you know you’re not that person, make better choices when it comes to your diet. You will see the difference!

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