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Blake Ford, 9, who attends the DC Scholars Public Charter School is currently hospitalized, after his teacher allegedly ordered him to do his work when he complained about feeling hot and sick.  Now the boy’s mom, Tyesha (pictured), is upset that her son’s cries for help were reportedly disregarded by his teacher and other staffers who knew about her child’s critical medical condition, according to East Idaho News.

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Tyesha told WJLA-TV that Blake did not feel well on Monday, and according to the miffed Mom, “He got up and told his teacher, ‘I am hot. I do not feel good.’ She said, ‘Go get some water, sit back, and do your work.’ He said he had his hand on his head on the desk. She kept saying, ‘Blake, do your work.’”

Three hours after the fourth grader complained about feeling hot, he walked out of his classroom in an effort to seek help at the school’s office, Tyesha contends.

Instead of calling an ambulance for Blake, Tyesha told the news outlet that the office personnel allegedly opted to place the feverish child on a school bus in the rain. Blake was later met by a relative at his bus stop, but by this time, the boy had grown considerably weak, so an ambulance was summoned to his home.

By the time Blake arrived at the hospital, Tyesha told WJLA that her son’s fever had risen to an alarming 105 degrees and his red blood cell count was very low. Doctors also reportedly told the Mom that Blake might need a transfusion.

When Blake suffered a heart attack last summer, Tyesha told WJLA, a conference was held at his school and attended by all of his primary teachers, and it was at this point, she let them know about Blake’s inherited disease.

Sickle cell is caused by an abnormal type of hemoglobin that changes the red blood cells, causing them to become fragile and to be shaped like sickles. The abnormal cells then deliver less oxygen to the body’s tissues, which can result in a slew of problems from severe bouts of bodily pain, delayed growth (in children), vision problems, frequent infections, and anemia.

Scholars Public Charter’s Principal Rebecca Crouch told ABC News the following with regards to Tyesha’s allegations about their callousness involving Blake’s medical episode at the school:

DC Scholars Public Charter School prepares students to attend and succeed academically in high school and college, and DC Scholars provides students with a foundation of life skills required to become productive members of their communities.

As a result, we take the health and well-being of our students very seriously and invest in staff and training to meet the academic and health needs of all of our students. Our leadership, nurse, and staff partner with families to ensure that our students have the supports necessary to fully participate in their learning.

We are following up with our staff and the child’s family to discuss this specific matter, and we will ensure that we will review with our team all student health policies and protocols. We believe that all of our students are integral members of our school community, and we care deeply about each of them.

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