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Believing God

And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.

There always will be people who will tell you that you are going to fail, that you never will amount to anything. I had a teacher who wrote on my report card, “Rhodell Lewis will never amount to anything, because all he does is sit in class all day long and look out the window and daydream and draw cartoons.” Was it true that I did those things? Absolutely. But I wasn’t real encouraged when I read what my teacher wrote on my report card.

Yet throughout my career I have heard the same kind of things. I was a teen when I started radio, and people said, “You are too young. That will never work. You are not qualified.”  Everything I have done, I have had opposition and naysayers. In fact at this point in life, I have come to expect it. If I don’t get opposition I wonder what is wrong. Where are the critics? Where are the people telling us we can’t do this?

I am not advocating false bravado. I am not saying that we should be presumptuous. But I am saying that as followers of Christ, we should take some steps of faith and see what God will do. I would rather try and fail than never try at all.

Some people always will be critical and throw a wet blanket on everything. And sadly for those people, things seldom happen. But for the ones who are willing to take the risks, God can do some pretty amazing things. What risk is He asking you to take today?

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