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If you have a high school senior this year like I do, then you know we have some work to do.  Do they want to go to college? If so, where do they want to attend school? How much will it cost? Is financial aid available?  They need to take the ACT or SAT if they haven’t already.  Some students take both.  Below are some tips I would like to share with you on how we can help our babies, yes babies, get ready for college life.

1.) It is important to attend financial aid presentations and career day functions WITH your student. Many of these events will be held in the evenings and on weekends. If you don’t know when they’re scheduled, contact your son or daughter’s high school counselor.  (Attend these events even if you did so last year or with a different student – there is new information all the time!)


2.) Ask them monthly, “Have you been to the Mapping Your Future websites? What are you working on and what scholarships have you applied for?”

3._ Sit down with your student and prepare a list of what he/she is looking for in a college and then help him/her sort through the information they receive from the different institutions to decide which ones offer what’s on the list.

Complete applications with the student.

In November, register for a PIN so you can assist your student with financial aid forms.


4.) In January or February, you will need to help your student complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Your PIN will help speed up the process.

5.) In March, the award notices will start coming in. Look at the financing carefully and contact the schools with any questions. Make comparisons!

6.) Go on trips with your student to as many of his or her top school choices as possible. A visit to the campus is invaluable to making a decision.

7.) Hug them, send them on their way, BUT don’t change the locks – they’ll be back!

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I pray this helps you as a parent.  May your children have great success this year and in the future.