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JF: First let me just thank you so much for allowing me and the listeners across the country to encourage you through the radio as I reached out to you and you let me know that you were very, very appreciative and grateful for all of our support.

SF: You welcome. You’re welcome, I’m just glad to be here.

JF: So, Ms. Fulton, I know that lately this has been a very trying time, but how are you and the family coping?

SF: Uh, we’re just taking it one day at a time, even though, you know, it’s difficult, this is a tragedy for us. What we used to know as normal is no longer a normal day. So we just trying to cope with this new life, this new lifestyle.

JF: And Ms. Fulton, I have to say that when we got the call to come be a part of the march that you led last April in Miami to commemorate the 44th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We were coming there to be a part of the March and of course we had a rally after that for Trayvon Martin. And when we were there we thought we were coming to encourage and minister to you and the family. But I have to be honest, when we got there and saw your strength, your dignity and how you were handing yourself, you actually ended up encouraging us.

SF: Thank you, thank you. I just, you know, like to think that I’m just a normal person, I’m just an average person, and God is just using me to work through other people.

JF: Yes, that is so true. That’s just like God. He takes us ordinary people and uses us to do extraordinary things because he’s an extraordinary God. Now, Ms. Fulton, stay with us, because when I come back I want to talk to you about how we can help and make a real difference. So this won’t be just another moment, but a movement. So family, stay right here, because when I come back we’re going to talk more with Ms. Sybrina Fulton on the all new James Fortune Show.

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