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George Bernard Shaw once said, “the golden rule is that there are no golden rules.” He forgot to mention, unless you’re in Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein, producer of the upcoming film, “The Butler” has recently decided to defy one of Hollywood’s golden rules when it comes to film titles. Initially scheduled for an August 16th release, “The Butler” may soon have to change the title of the film or push the release date back.

Directed by Lee Daniels, “The Butler” is based on the real-life account of Eugene Allen, who served as a White House butler during eight American presidential terms from 1952 to 1986. The film is based on a 2008 Washington Post article written by Wil Haygood (who subsequently served as an associate producer on the film) that highlighted Allen’s ascension from working in the White House during segregation to living long enough to vote for the first African-American president.

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