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Deitrick Haddon did an interesting interview with Christian Post.

Deitrick said this the following on his newest single “Have Your Way”:

Deitrick Haddon: “Have Your Way” is a real song. [It’s] birthed from a real place because I was in a place when I wrote the song that I needed direction from the Lord because I was lost. I’m a guy who is very sure of himself. I know the Lord. I’ve been preaching since I’m 11 years old, and singing and ministering music in my church since I’m 16. I’ve dedicated my entire life to winning souls.

Real life happened to me. I don’t care how great you are, and how many scriptures you can quote, and how anointed you feel like you are, life will happen to us all … I really needed help. A producer by the name of Tub Young sent me the song [and it] was very soulful. The drums at the beginning sounded like a heartbeat, and when I heard it the lyrics just began to flow.

“Can I be transparent for a minute / Some of those rumors that you heard I probably did it / I’m not a perfect man I admit it / But is covered by the blood I’ve been forgiven / When I think of things I’ve done, I shake my head if it wasn’t for your mercy I’d be dead / God you sure know how to break a brother down / In my humility I’m saying now Lord just have your way”

I believe that believers go through real life situations where they don’t even know where God is and they even question God on why he even allows them to go through those things. … This song is going to be able to help people through those moments.

When asked about Preaches of L.A. he said:

I’m one of the producers of the show and I thought it was necessary for people to get an inside look on what it takes to be a man of the cloth. It’s not easy. … The problem we have in the church is we have been projecting perfection and allowing other people to put us on a pedestal when at the end of the day we are human just like them. I think people will go to church on Sunday and appreciate their pastor more because it’s not easy to walk in such a high calling.
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We had a great discussion with him as well and we look forward to sharing it with you in the next few days.
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