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Anthony Cook, a black journalist for, made a honest confession Tuesday morning following the controversy surrounding Paula Deen and her racism scandal.

“Full disclosure … I’ve used the n-word. As a teenager, a college student and as a young adult, I used it prolifically, loosely, and largely indiscriminately,” Cook says.

He admits that as he got older, he matured and realized that discriminatory language was not conducive to a respectful, professional atmosphere.

According to Cook, The “n-word” is used loosely and proudly throughout African American popular culture and no rappers, actors, or comedians are ever sued or severely punished, like Paula Deen. But, a lot of mainstream media has criticized Paula Deen for her actions.

The reactions to Paula Deen are nothing more than hypocrisy at its best. The “n-word” is just as powerful and degrading no matter who it is coming from.

Since the controversy surrounding Paula Deen has hit the media, the following companies have terminated their contracts with Deen: Target, Wal-Mart, Caesars Entertainment, The Food Network, and Smithfield Foods. QVC and Random House Publishing are all monitoring the situation closely. Novo Nordisk the pharmaceutical company that makes the diabetes drug Victoza has temporarily suspended their contract with Deen.


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