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Thank goodness the weather is heating up. With this most welcome change, women of color may need to re-evaluate their hair care routines to make sure their hairstyles don’t poof or wilt. Highly textured hair has a natural tendency to be dry, it’s important to adhere to a moisturizing regimen during the hottest months of the year so that heat and humidity won’t wreck your hair. By following a few basic tips this spring and summer, your hair will look fantastic, and stay healthy, all season long.

Wavy – Curly or Relaxed

1. Instead of trying to achieve bone-straight hairstyles, which probably won’t hold up to the heat and humidity, let your hair’s natural tendency to curl take over. In other words, go with the flow. If you have a texturizer or your hair is naturally curly, this will be easy. Simply shampoo, condition and apply the curl-enhancing products of your choice to damp hair. This should be alcohol-free gels, pomades or creams. Allow your hair to dry naturally, or use a diffuser dryer on low heat. Once your curls set in a defined pattern, don’t comb or touch them again, to prevent frizzing.

If your hair is relaxed or if your hair is natural with a curl pattern that is extremely tight. it is still possible to fake it with a straw set or rodded set. You might also consider a two-strand twist set for a crinkly, curly or wavy look. These styles will keep hair healthy and allow you to have texture as the heat and humidity rises. Best of all, your hair will get fuller and sexier with the passing of each day.


With just a little creativity, the summer can be a great opportunity to show off your locks. Buns, French twists, rolls or chignons are beautiful and cool in the summer heat. For a different look, tie your hair into a high ponytail. It’s pretty simple. Bend your head down and tie your hair up with your own hair. Simply put, while bent over, grab three or four locks from each side of your head. Now bring these over your hair and then under (or back) again and tie together to form a ponytail. Finish off this look with a flower(s) in your hair for an exotic touch.

For the really special occasion, why not set your locks on rollers? It may seem complicated, but it’s very easy to curl your locks. To set, you’ll first need spiral curlers. The curlers come in small, medium and large sizes. If you have very thick or long locks, you’ll want to use medium or large curlers; thin or short dreads should be set on medium curlers.

First, shampoo your locks with a residue free or clarifying shampoo. Towel blot excess water from hair, or allow to air dry until the hair is damp, but no longer wet. Saturate hair with a non-drying, non-alcohol based styling foam or setting lotion. Roll locks on roller, rod or flexible rod. Depending upon the thickness of each lock, you’ll want to roll anywhere from three to six locks on one curler. Be sure to roll your hair in one direction (i.e. clock wise or counter clock wise).

It is important to keep your locks moisturized and flexible, if you don’t, they will surly break off; whatever you do stay away from petroleum, waxy oils or petrolatum based products. These man-made products cause build-up on the hair and scalp; and more importantly don’t allow the hair and scalp to breathe which can be detrimental to proper hair growth.