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From USA Today:

An Easter service celebrating the resurrection took on special significance for a New York congregation when a worshiper was revived after at least 17 defibrillator shocks.

The dramatic story, reported by The (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News, tells of Ed Ilarraza, 58, an insurance agent who needed an ambulance after collapsing at Gracepoint Gospel Fellowship in New City.

Before the medics left the scene with their patient, Ilarraza went into cardiac arrest — no pulse or breathing. He was shocked seven times before arriving at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, N.Y., where he received 10 more shocks while family and church members prayed.

Then, as rescuers were about to cease their efforts, his heart started to beat.

Dr. Cary Hirsch inserted two stents into Ilarraza’s cardiac arteries. The patient recognized family members Monday when he was brought out of an induced coma.

Family and church members speak of an Easter miracle. Physicians caution that Ilarazza likely suffered damage to the heart and it will be awhile before doctors will know how much heart function he will regain.

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