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Now more than ever, your professional success depends on how well you get along with those you work with, from top-level management to junior-level employees. The first step to career success is building better relationships.

What Do We Talk About? Understandably when we perceive that we have nothing in common with the other person, we are anxious to spend an hour with them. Your goal is to simply build a more trusting relationship with the other. See them as people instead of “the other.” Take the time to share yourself, your background, what’s important to you.

Become a Better Listener – It’s pointless to ask the right questions if you’re not listening to what’s being said. Stop daydreaming. Instead, be present and focus on what’s taking place right now in front of you. Not only do you have to be aware of what’s being said, but you have to sharpen your skills so that you can identify what’s not being said, as well.

Master the Follow-Up If you’ve been sending those cookie-cutter emails thanking the person for their time, you’re totally blowing it.

In the team-based environment prevalent in today’s workplace, it’s no exaggeration to say that good relationships rule.

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