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We are such a microwave generation! I’ll admit it, I’m guilty at times as well. No one wants to wait for anything anymore. If it can’t happen RIGHT NOW, many times we become uninterested. I’ve even seen times when I made a choice for something ‘less than’ simply because it was more convenient. Don’t get me wrong. Convenience has it’s place, however it comes at a cost. We stopped cooking everyday because fast food was more ‘convenient’. Now we have kids with the highest levels of obesity and type 2 diabetes than we have seen in the history of mankind. Convenience is like a drug and big business knows we are addicted. Most foods, products, pharmaceuticals etc are made with that one thing in mind, CONVENIENCE. ‘Overweight? Hey! You don’t have to exercise.. take this pill and watch the fat just MELT away!’ or ‘You can have rock hard abs while you just sit at your desk.. simply wear this belt that sends tiny electronic pulses to your ab muscles and you’ll be doing underwear commercials in no time!’ Ha!

Convenience ‘is what it is’.. until you try to make God convenient.

Honestly, my prayer to God is simply this.. ‘Lord, help me endure the process’. Nothing fancy schmancy about it. There are some things that are in most of us that have been there for years and aren’t going to be resolved in days. It will take time and we must adjust our perspectives if we will make it through. The Bible in Isaiah 40:31 reminds us that waiting on God renew’s our strength. That strength comes from the relationship you build with God while you’re waiting. It’s in this wait that he shows you who you really are. You’ll be disgusted at times but thankful that He loved you enough to show you. In the wait, you’ll think you ‘have it now’ and realize that when a certian button is pushed you actually don’t. It’s called the process and you won’t sleep through it. It will include sleepless nights, tears, disappointments, fervent prayer and in some cases intense spiritual warfare. However the end result is a much more peaceful, confident, lively, secure, full of life, full of grace, and powerful YOU. You won’t easily slip back into the old you after you endure God’s processing. You respect and value anything that comes at such a cost.

So you see… the troubled marriage will never be fixed by you just ‘Sucking it up and doing what you gotta do’ for 7 days and then getting mad and going back to your old ways because ‘he/she didn’t change’. The ministry will never go to the next level if the only time you spend time in the word is when you have to preach. And finally, some habits will never be broken without a complete submission to God and His process. Some things just take time and we have to anticipate that. We get disappointed when things don’t happen overnight and we should have NEVER expected them to.

God really knows best. His plan for us is far greater than we could ever imagine for ourselves. Won’t you join me today in reevaluating who is really in control of our lives? One final simple prayer ‘Lord, as inconvenient as your plan and your ways may be at times, give me the strength to choose you. In Jesus’ name, Amen’

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