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Jennifer Hudson recently opened up to the UK’s Daily Mail. Now, as one of the industry’s most inspirational stars, she talked overcoming “American Idol” rejection, her family tragedy and the controversial role-playing of Winnie Mandela. Now a new mom with a new figure, things are looking up.

Would you agree that the odds are against plus-size women in the entertainment industry?

No, because I was doing OK before. But the truth is, so many more opportunities open up when you’re on the other side, as I am now. I’d no idea what I was missing out on. It’s like a whole other world. Suddenly every designer wants to dress you. It’s like, “You look amazing! Please, choose a dress. Have a bag. And what about shoes?” I mean, wow!

Not that Jennifer is fixated on looking perfect at all times.

When it’s mommy time at home, the supermodel me – black Barbie, as I call her – is definitely not in the house. I don’t want to be all glammed-up in big hair and full make-up. I need to relax, to breathe and to concentrate on my son.

Speaking of, how is your son David Jr?:

He’s very much his own person, a little performer who loves to sing and dance. He’s so charming, too. Yes, I’m biased, but I’ve never seen a child with such presence. He says “hi” or “bye bye” to everyone when he comes in or out of a room, and goes round blowing kisses to everyone. My phone is completely backed up from videoing everything he does, because he surprises me constantly. When I found out I was pregnant and went for the scan, he was so very little. To have that memory fresh in my mind and yet to now have this boy with me, dancing and laughing…

She may find it hard to accept that she is a role model, but it’s something she takes very seriously.

My message to young people is to stay positive and not to doubt their dreams. There are things we long to do in life but think we’re not good enough or clever enough to make happen. Just go for it! Dreams do come true. If anyone’s proof of that, it’s me. READ THE REST HERE!

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