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While Democrats are showing a united front ahead of the 2016 presidential election, Republicans are coming apart at the seams as Donald Trump declares internecine warfare.

Trump fired off several tweets after House Speaker Paul Ryan said he would no longer defend him:

Another tweet posted by the GOP presidential nominee states:

During Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed the apparent GOP civil war over whether or not Republicans should support their presidential nominee.

NewsOne Now panelist Liz Copeland, Founding President of the Urban Conservative Project, said of the turmoil within the GOP, “This is a lose, lose scenario.”

“As a conservative, I think it’s very important for other conservatives to realize that we cannot put our party and our platform over a candidate,” she said.

Copeland broke her reasoning into several bullet points:

  • Trump is not consistently conservative.
  • He doesn’t deserve the office of presidency.
  • Trump doesn’t have self-control.
  • Trump has no substantive policy.

And ultimately, Copeland believes Trump “is wrong for America.”

Lauren Victoria Burke addressed the pure hatred some conservatives have for President Barack Obama that is driving many of them to ignore or dismiss the outlandish things Trump has said over the course of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Martin said, “When you have Evangelicals who literally are just excusing anything this guy says, that means everything they’ve said for forty years has been a lie in terms of morals and values.”

Burke recalled the hatred of President Obama began in 2009, “With the first night of the President’s presidency with this plan to obstruct him at all costs, and that Tea Party plan really had no ideology other than stopping the President.

“So when that’s all you got and when you nominate somebody with no policy, with no nothing and then you’ve got some racist dude that runs a website running his campaign … this is what you end up with,” said Burke.

“There is nothing here, there’s nothing to see – it’s a road to nowhere.”

Watch Roland Martin and his panel of guests discuss the latest developments in the race for the White House in the video clip above.


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