Raffles van Exel, who is accused of taking the disrespectful death photo of Whitney Houston in her casket, has released a statement about his alleged good friend, Whitney Houston. Both the Newark funeral home and Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, were appalled at the release of the photo, and family and fans have expressed outrage. Raffles […]

The mess is about to hit the fan for the person who leaked the casket photo of Whitney Houston because his identity has finally been revealed! Raffles van Exel is the opportunist who personnel at Whigham Funeral Home are blaming for the disrespectful photo leak. Van Exel isn’t anyone famous or important in the industry. […]

The Chicago Suntimes is reporting that Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy has confronted the person who snapped the photo of Whitney in her final resting place. A Houston family insider says that Cissy, “had a come-to-Jesus moment” with the guilty culprit and demanded the alleged six-figure fee for the photo be donated to charity. As she […]