Roland Martin talks with Dr. Maya Rockeymoore and Dr. Julie Ajinka about how the Debt Super Committee’s decisions to cut $1.5 trillion dollars will impact African-Americans.

Roland Martin explains political leaders are trying to score points at the expense of the American people by blocking parts of the American Jobs Act.

It has been amazing listening to various critics of the Occupy Wall Street protests suggest that somehow what they’re doing is un-American. I’m the same person who said that the Tea Party had an absolute right to do what they were actually doing. In fact, I also said it was a welcome sight to see […]

Ever since “Washington Watch with Roland Martin” launched in 2009, TV One has made a point of trying to get conservative officeholders – Republicans – on the show. Phone calls were made to the House Republican Conference and the Senate Republican Conference. More than a year later a year – only one sitting member of […]

Tea Party Express spokesman, Mark Williams has officially hit a new low. On the Wolf Blitzer show, Roland Martin asked Williams to tell racists they were not welcome in the Tea Party. He responded by saying, “Racists have their own movement. It’s called the NAACP.” RELATED: NAACP Will Propose Resolution Condemning Tea Party Racism RELATED: […]