Robin May

Surely you don’t have to tell your spouse EVERYTHING… or do you? Are SOME secrets ok to keep from boo or bae? Licensed therapist & Life Coach Robin May weighs in on this conversation. For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule him to provide inspirational words at your next event, contact him via […]

Ever wonder why your romance feels dull and maybe even distant? We often look for the “BIG” things that destroy relationships while ignoring the “…little foxes that destroy the vine” (Solomon 2:15).  If we are honest, we can admit that over time we become consumed with the demands of life and before we know it, […]

  Life Coach & licensed therapist, Robin May stopped by the K.D. Bowe show to give advice on relationships. Relationships take work. And therefore before you get in one, please make sure you are ready! Here are FIVE CLUES that indicate whether we are ready for a relationship! Reason # 5: YOU HAVE NEVER GONE LONGER THAN SIX […]

On Monday July 9th at Paschals (180 B Northside Drive in Atlanta), single men and women joined Praise 102.5’s KD Bowe and Life coach Robin May for  ‘He That Finds A Wife’. This open forum style event included a panel discussion with intriguing conversation from both males and females. The event concluded with a mix […]