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Relationship coach Obi Ndu talks with KD Bowe about all relationships from strengthening your bond with your wife to rebuilding with your father. ___ Sign Up For Our Newsletter! ___ This deep conversation between the two is only the beginning. KD Bowe will be hosting ManUP! Live this Saturday from 9am-11am where Obi Ndu will […]

In this video, Dr Ron Archer discuss the 3 phases of a man. For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule him to provide inspirational words at your next event, contact him via or any of his social media platforms below!

Rick Warren said that after 30 years of marriage and relationship counseling sessions he could sum up nearly all of what needs to be said in both men and women in these two words—-Grow Up. “You need to know that just about every other problem or challenge or struggle tht arises in your marriage [or […]