Black AIDS Day

During his final State of the Union address last month to a joint session of Congress in Washington, D.C., President Barack Obama said that the U.S. is on track to eliminate new HIV/AIDS transmissions by 2020.

HIV/AIDS remains one of the most-harrowing global crises of present times, with entire nations doing their best to combat the spread of the disease. SEE ALSO: HIV/AIDS In America: Black AIDS Institute Is Winning The War According to data from the UNAIDS organization and the CDC, 34-million people are living with HIV/AIDs globally. In the […]

Today, as the Black community recognizes the 12th Annual National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, we stand at the crossroads of heightened awareness, education, and potential eradication. To understand the magnitude of being in such a positive position, it is imperative that we examine how far we’ve come and how close we find ourselves to alleviating […]