Early voting ends Friday, October 30TH at 7 PM  for the state of Georgia. Avoid the long election lines this coming Tuesday and VOTE EARLY!! Find out where to vote by logging onto the Secretary of State’s Web site, click on Elections and choose your County. For more information: State’s Elections Office –      1-888- 265- 1115 […]

Yogurt… Another Beauty Food Quick Tip Five Reasons Why You Should Stock Up on Yogurt 1. Just one cup of yogurt will help blemishes clear up thanks to the zinc it contains. Look for varieties that do not contain a lot of fat or sugar. Yes, they do exist and they offer lots of taste. […]

VIA: Voice of America News African bishops ended their assembly or synod at the Vatican Sunday with a call on corrupt African leaders to repent or resign. The bishops specifically singled out Catholics in high offices to either show remorse for their misdeeds or quit their public offices and stop giving Africa and the Church […]

VIA: AJC.com A judge granted bond for a South Georgia man charged with attacking an Army reservist outside a Morrow Cracker Barrel. Troy Dale West Jr., 47, is now being held in the Clayton County jail on a $320,500 bond, Clayton District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson said Tuesday. uperior Court Judge Geronda V. Carter spent […]

VIA: St. Louis Post-Dispatch For nearly four hours on a recent Monday night, about 7,000 people, almost all of them African-American, made a joyful noise unto the Lord — singing along with gospel classics, cheering on their favorite choir and praising God. They were attending the St. Louis regional finals for “How Sweet the Sound: […]

VIA: Washington Post The National Capital Planning Commission gave final approval Monday to a new security configuration for a memorial to Martin Luther King Jr., clearing the way for construction of the long-awaited monument. There were tears in the audience when the capital’s federal planning agency voiced its unanimous approval at a specially arranged meeting. […]

VIA: National Public Radio As Election Day nears, the national spotlight is on Maine, where the latest battle over same-sex marriage is under way. Campaign finance reports show that supporters of a ballot proposal to repeal the state’s gay marriage law are trailing significantly in fundraising. But polls show a tight race. Same-sex marriage opponents […]

VIA: AJC.com A judge said she needs time to decide if a south Georgia man charged with attacking an Army reservist outside a Cracker Barrel should be released from jail. Prosecutors asked a judge this morning to deny bond for a south Georgia man charged with attacking an Army reservist outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant […]

Unlike traditional Gospel music, Jazz music is often a wordless or instrumental medium. Because of this, many express their struggle to find the ‘message of the Gospel’ in Inspirational Jazz or Gospel Jazz.  Some people of faith feel that Inspirational Jazz is too secular for the church and can tolerate it on the radio — but do […]

VIA: CNN.com Students from Washington University say they have complained to state and federal agencies that a Chicago, Illinois, nightclub barred six African-American members from their senior class trip celebration while admitting nearly 200 white classmates. Bar personnel cited dress code violations — specifically baggy jeans — when barring the African-American students, according to Washington […]

Possessing classic sounds of church-centered Gospel greats like The Clark Sisters, Clara Ward, and the Caravans-with an update, Rizen, comprised of Adriann and Aundrea Lewis, is an unbelievably explosive duo that is returning to the spotlight with the October 27th release of their third CD – FREE.

BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN 1 whole chicken 1 cup of buttermilk salt and pepper garlic powder 3 or 4 cups all-purpose flour oil, as needed, for frying Cut up chicken; wash pieces and pat dry. Salt and pepper the cut up chicken. Place buttermilk in a bowl and dip each piece in the buttermilk, then roll […]