Relationship coach Obi Ndu talks with KD Bowe about all relationships from strengthening your bond with your wife to rebuilding with your father. ___ Sign Up For Our Newsletter! ___ This deep conversation between the two is only the beginning. KD Bowe will be hosting ManUP! Live this Saturday from 9am-11am where Obi Ndu will […]

  Gospel singer, songwriter, pastor, producer and actor Deitrick Haddon joins The KD Bowe Show to talk about his latest new project, “Sins of the Father.” Haddon stars in the leading role of this new movie. KD Bowe goes into an in-depth interview with Haddon discussing one factor that many people don’t know. Check out […]

Today’s lunchtime lifter is about explaining how working hard is really wants going to push you ahead. We all now have access to these applications that makes our world easier but that won’t be enough to achieve everything you want to accomplish. Want to know why? Check out this video below!

According to Fox News, a North Carolina man is suing Hardee’s, claiming the manager of the fast-food chain did not treat him fairly when he gave the man too few Hash Rounds on his breakfast plate. 58-year-old, Tommy Martin is accusing the manager of Hardee’s after supposedly violating his rights by not giving Martin the […]

  There’s a new study published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Journal that a third of woman have gone on a date with a man that they were not interested in but they went anyway to get a free meal. “Foodie Calls” is the term being used for when someone goes on […]