Black women has recently taken over social media after feeling some type of way in regards of a woman name Sarah Marantz who “invented” the ‘Nite Cap.’ According to The Shade Room, Sarah got the idea of the invention during the time of her wedding. She claimed that she experienced breakouts on her face, neck […]

The Internet was buzzing the other day with shocking images of Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua! They were Italy and the paparazzi was doing their job catching some interesting photos of the two of them. Two photos were then released of them kissing. Antoine is married to the actress Lela Rochon who have actually been […]

There is a viral video circling across social media that shows a father who apparently caught his 12-year-old daughter having sex. To say that this story makes me uncomfortable is a massive understatement. How the father chose to film and handle the situation was just too much. There is a difference between discipline and violence. […]

  When you find an excuse you’re probably a good and kind dude but “when you are effective you find a way to get it done.” How bad do you want to accomplish your dreams? Well that answer relies on you. Check out this video to figure out if you’re finding a way or just […]

Sister Perri also known as Pebbles, sits down with KD Bowe to talk about her journey of being saved, forgiving those who wronged her, moving on and her prophetic gift that has changed her perspective. Though Sister Perri was baptized at a younger age it wasn’t until a few years ago when she actually felt […]

“You don’t have to be any particular way. You got options.” What does that mean? You can choose to feel how you feel when you feel it and nobody should have control over that! Click on this video to find out why.