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Robert Griffin III, rookie Washington Washington Football Team quarterback, shocked many with his NFL debut last Sunday that caused many to dub the budding young star “black Jesus.” Griffin threw for 320 yards and made two touchdowns on 19-of-26 passing. The rookie’s debut performance helped his Washington Football Team defeat the New Orleans Saints 40-32 and earned him the title of NFC player of the week on

After watching Griffin help hand the Saints their first home loss in close to two years, some began to compare the 22-year-old to Jesus. One person began to call Griffin black Jesus on Twitter after the rookie helped increase his Fantasy Football points.

“Hey @RGIII Do you know how many fantasy points you gave me?! 26 Points,” the fan exclaimed. “THANK YOU! #BlackJesus? I have to agree with that!”

Another person explained an alternate reason for nicknaming the football player after the central divine figure of the Christian religion.

“Start calling @RGIII Black Jesus, because the Washington Football Team are back from the dead #nfl #RG3,” the person tweeted after watching Griffin play.

Still, another person went as far as idolizing Griffin after likening him to Jesus.

“I accept @RGIII as my savior,” the person tweeted. “#Blackjesus.”

Other people took to Twitter and gave Griffin the nickname “Redskin Jesus.”

“@RGIII (is) the new #RedskinJesus,” one person tweeted.

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