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According to the LA Times:

The Supreme Court on Monday limited the use of life terms in prison for murderers under 18, ruling that judges must consider the defendant’s youth and the nature of the crime before putting him behind bars with no hope for parole.

The justices ruled in the cases of two 14-year-olds who were given life terms for their role in a homicide, but their decision goes further. It applies to all those under 18.  It does not automatically free any prisoner, and it does not forbid life terms for young murderers.

One person commented on FB – Now if they would just address the racial disparities regarding the sentencing guidelines for juvenile of color. I witness it everyday. How can a young African-American man that breaks in an empty home and robs it get juvenile life and adult time, while a white young man that sexually assaults a child gets 12-18 months?????? How can an African-American male that sells drugs receive more time that a white male that murders a store clerk? How can an African-American male that gets caught with a gun in his car receive more time than a white male that grows and distributes marijuana?

You can read the whole story here.

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