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Nearly three out of every five young Christians leave their home churches after the age of 15, but why? The Christian Post revealed six reasons why youth aren’t staying.

Interviews were conducted with teens, young adults, youth pastors, senior pastors and parents taken over a few years. Some say churches appear overprotective and others said the church ignores real-world problems.

Out of the many teens/young adults interviewed one-third feel that “church is boring” or that “God appeared to be missing out of their experience in church.”

As a young 24 year old myself, I can agree with some of these findings. I grew up in a church that was overly traditional and seemed like a dictatorship focused on the leadership. Although it took maturity to overcome that situation, this mass exodus of young people leaving church makes sense to me.

Though I switched church homes, I keep my relationship with Christ priority. We now see that in events and organizations such as Passion & 268 Generation. 268 Generation is a youth organization based out of Atlanta at Passion City church.

After watching the video above and seeing thousands of young people come together, I see hope!

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