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“Jumping The Broom” is making it’s DVD release today. The movie focuses on a weekend wedding in Martha’s Vineyard where two families from divergent socioeconomic backgrounds clash during their first meeting before the big event. Our sister site recently caught up with Laz to discuss the success of “Jumping The Broom”, plans for the new season of “Breakout Kings”, his upcoming role in the psycho-thriller Straw Dogs, and Hollywood rumors to power up for the role of John Stewart in the Green Lantern movie franchise.

In the movie, your mother, played by Loretta Devine disapproved of your character’s fiancée, Sabrina (Paula Patton). In real life, how important is your mother’s opinion in your relationship choices with women?

It’s important because you know the saying “Mother knows best” and I feel mothers do have some sort of weird psychic ability to judge character. But at the same time I keep it in perspective; if there’s someone that I’m really feeling, that I’m really in love with, I’m going to make my own decisions and be my own man. I’ll take her opinion into account but I’m not going to discredit someone just because my mom doesn’t like her. I will say this, the people she hasn’t liked in the past, she’s been right about. She hasn’t been wrong yet.


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