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A few days ago, I was browsing through my friends’ account and ended up stumbling upon the pages of women I attended high school and college with. These women, who I’ve known for years and had never had trouble hooking up and finding a boyfriend in college, seemed to have issues doing so after we turned our tassels from one side to the other.

To me, it was a shock.

Today, these mujeres (women) are all in their late 20’s, single and successful. When I read their account headlines, I felt bad for them. I really did. Some of them sounded downright sad, almost begging for someone to notice them and how great they are.

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When my friend joined, a lot of us thought it was him admitting he had no game, that he couldn’t pull a woman outside of the ‘net anymore and we would laugh at him. But we then spent time browsing through the site and saw the girls and thought: “Damn, there are some beautiful women on this site.”

Us: How can we contact them?


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