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The ex-wife of gospel recording star BeBe Winans is pleased with Oprah Winfrey’s decision to remove him from a several episode stint.

Speaking with TMZ shortly after the decision was confirmed by Winfrey’s rep, Winans said the ban “further demonstrates the fact that Oprah continues to be a strong voice against domestic violence and that she’s willing to take the steps necessary to defend the defenseless.”

As previously reported, the “Close To You” singer will not be allowed to appear on ‘Oprah’ until domestic violence charges filed against him are resolved.

Winans, who appeared with his sister CeCe to promote the recently released album “Still”, was the subject of online controversy stemming from Oprah’s alleged banning of fellow entertainer Chris Brown.

According to Winans’ ex-wife, who he allegedly pushed down during an altercation earlier this year, Oprah was wrong for allowing her husband to appear on her show and not an apologetic Chris Brown.

Winans is due in court January 20.

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