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It’s Sunday, the Sabbath for most of us. It is the day in which we thank Him for everything that we have. It allows us to be grateful and take a chance to refresh our minds, body and souls.Perhaps, you may think why should I be grateful when my life sucks or when things do not go my way? Because, we already have more in Christ than most people realize. Consider that the small gifts you have. Consider your family and your health. Those are the things to be grateful for.

The songs lyrics remind us to be joyful.

Oh Lord, Oh Lord we lift you ooh we lift you up yeah yeah yeah

Raise my voice in testimony/’cause he’s more than a friend to me

Gave my heart ’cause I believe he’s the almighty/I can look at my life and see all the things that

He’s done to set me free protecting me from harm/Raise my hands to show how I feel

His presence is oh so real/Till he’s guiding me I’ll be still/’cause I’d be lost without himMy heart and soul I dedicate and to show I appreciate his love/I’ll give him praise

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