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It is true; we overcome by the word of our testimonies. One of the reasons that I love reading biographies and autobiographies is because it is a wonderful thing to see an entire lifetime or a portion of that lifetime laid out from beginning to end. If you look closely, you can see the hand print of God in both the little and big things. Whether the person is a follower of Christ or not, God really is in the details – those serendipitous moments, the surprises, the fateful meetings, the dates with destiny, dumb luck or Divine intervention – whatever you choose to call it, it is often apparent that something or Someone much bigger is at work in the lives of us all, as though we are part of a tapestry – a grand design. The lives of the people in this collection of photos are like that. Space does not permit the telling of their stories, but it does allow for a few photos. I hope you enjoy looking at our “brag book” of high achievers, many of whom had to overcome much along the way of greatness. May you be inspired to dream big, obnoxious dreams, and to pursue and accomplish every God-ordained endeavor in your life.

Be blessed Family!