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Road To TriBeCa: David Fortune Talks Big Win With ‘Color Book’ And The Importance Of Telling Black Narratives

AT&T Presents: Untold Stories

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For over 20 years and counting, the annual TriBeCa Film Festival in New York City — TriBeCa Festival for short now! — has been an industry staple for debuting some of the most thought-provoking narratives by an array of creatives as diverse as the career of the event’s founder, renowned actor Robert De Niro.

With a few interesting additions to this year’s showcase, including a two-day “De Niro Con” to honor the aforementioned Hollywood legend, they’ll also be continuing the AT&T Untold Stories pitch competition that’s been a mainstay since 2017. Aimed at providing greater opportunities to filmmakers that tend to go underrepresented, the big prize is a literal dream when you break down the details: $1 million to put towards making the pitch a full-length film, year-round mentorship during the creative process and the chance to debut it at TriBeCa the following year to bring everything full circle!

Thankfully, we got a chance to speak with last year’s winner, David Fortune, to see what it’s like to take home such a prestigious honor and the work that went into his soon-to-be-premiering feature length, Color Book.



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More on Color Book below, via TriBeCa Festival:

“Following his wife’s recent passing, single father Lucky finds himself navigating the challenges of raising his son Mason, who has Down syndrome. Mason is an exuberant 11-year-old boy who enjoys drawing in his color book and watching baseball with his dad. Seeking solace, Lucky and Mason embark on a journey across Metro Atlanta to attend their first baseball game together. Throughout their day-long trip, they encounter Murphy’s Law. From car breakdowns to missed trains, the duo faces a series of obstacles that test their relationship. Despite the setbacks, they persevere, determined to reach the game. Together, Lucky and Mason learn that healing does not await them at the mountaintop, but can be found with every step along the path. Color Book highlights the strength and resilience that emerge from Lucky and Mason’s bond, while exploring the myriad of experiences that may come from raising a child with Down syndrome. Its beauty lies is in its simplicity: an intimate, moving portrait of a father and son sure to inspire a range of emotions.––Bryce Norbitz”


If the synopsis above wasn’t gripping enough, you’ll just have to take David Fortune’s word for it. We spoke with him exclusively about what it was like bringing all those elements together in one film, and ultimately why it was so important for him as a Black director to make a story that reflected his cultural identity.


Watch director David Fortune, winner of the 2023 AT&T Untold Stories pitch competition, tell us about what it took to create Color Book and the road to premiering it as a full-length feature at TriBeCa Festival




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