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Earnest Pugh and Jokia Discuss New Soundtrack for “Love Mountain”

GUMEC Eranest Pugh and Jokia

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Earnest Pugh introduced his new single, “Don’t Give Up,” a powerful reminder for people to hold on to God’s promises and not give up, especially when life gets challenging. “We’re in a time where people are giving up on their dreams, aspirations, visions, and life,” Earnest said. “This song comes as a reminder to counteract that and tell people, listen, when life starts lifein’, you got to hold on to the promise that God has made you, and giving up is not an option.”

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Earnest also shared insights about the movie “Love Mountain,” highlighting its timely relevance and unique perspective on family dynamics. The film explores the highs and lows of everyday family life, showing how to navigate both valleys and mountaintops. Earnest plays a character named Elliot, a father of four sons and a daughter, who faces a significant challenge. While finding new love, Elliot receives a traumatic call from his ex-girlfriend’s family, informing him that she has passed away and left behind a 12-year-old daughter. This daughter is now coming to live with him and his new wife, who is struggling with infertility. “Just imagine trying to tell your new wife that you have to bring an adolescent into your home,” Earnest said. “He’s all hands on deck to really restore trust, hope, and love in that family dynamic.”


Jokia then discussed her single “Rise” on the soundtrack. She expressed her excitement about being part of the project and described the song’s message. “Rise is about rising above it all,” Jokia said. “We are like eagles, so it’s time for us to ascend over every matter, over every situation.” She emphasized how honored she felt to be included in the compilation with various legendary artists, bringing a fresh and powerful energy to the project.

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Mr. Griff then asked Jokia about her upcoming show, “Jokia’s Place,” which she described as a family-oriented series with a positive twist. “It’s about myself and my family, bringing a form of the Cosbys back,” she said. “We need to see black families restored. It’s not just about negative stereotypes; we love each other and support one another.”

The “Love Mountain” soundtrack, including the singles “Don’t Give Up” and “Rise,” is available on all digital platforms. Jokia mentioned that music videos for the songs would be released on May 31st, available to watch on YouTube.


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