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Trina Hairston’s Musical Journey, Unveiling Divine Revelation to Solo Success

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In a recent interview on Get Up Mornings, gospel music power couple JJ and Trina Hairston shared insights into their creative process and Trina’s latest solo venture. The conversation shed light on their dynamic partnership and the spiritual journey behind Trina’s new single, “Sanctified.”

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Trina, known for her collaborations with YP, revealed that her solo project was inspired by a divine revelation. She recounted, “I actually heard God giving me a song in a dream,” explaining how the idea initially belonged to JJ but evolved into something bigger.JJ, known for his musical prowess, played a pivotal role in encouraging Trina to step out of her comfort zone. He shared, “I’ve always had to push her more than she believed she could go.” This encouragement led to the creation of Trina’s single “Sanctified,” which made its exclusive debut on the Erica Campbell Show.

During the interview, Mr. Griff highlighted the significance of Trina’s solo endeavor, emphasizing that it adds a new dimension to their musical repertoire. Trina’s EP “Sanctified,” which includes the titular single, is now available on all digital platforms, showcasing her growth as an artist.

Apart from music, Trina is also a published author, having written a book titled “Deep Work.” Her multifaceted talents and spiritual journey were evident throughout the interview, resonating with fans and listeners.

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The conversation delved into the personal dynamic between JJ and Trina in the studio, with Trina humorously mentioning that she refers to JJ as “James” during their creative sessions. “I just had to humble myself and just just take a note from him,” Trina shared.

Listeners are encouraged to check out Trina’s EP “Sanctified” to experience her inspiring musical journey firsthand.


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