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Why are men so hard to buy gifts for? They don’t like shopping, they couldn’t give a damn about whether their sweater matches their shoes and they don’t really have much need for makeup or jewelry. There goes all the things I know about. I can buy a present for my brother’s girlfriend, who I have only met once, but my boyfriend, who I spend every day with, no chance.

Which is why I’m not filled with hope about buying a Valentine’s day gift. If last year is anything to go by, my Valentine’s Day shopping will this year be very last minute, and as a result I will most probably end up buying something rubbish and handing it over with an apologetic ‘if you don’t like it, you can swap it for something good’. Or the dreaded gift card, which always makes it look like you have put in no effort whatsoever, even if it is for a store he loves.

You should not make the same mistake. Here at HelloBeautiful, we have compiled a list of our favorite online stores for last minute gift ideas, which he will actually like (and you don’t have to go out in the snow for!).

You can’t go past Macy’s for Valentine’s day. They have everything from shoes to remote control cars, and offer free shipping on selected orders. And while you’re shopping, it really can’t hurt to have a quick look for yourself right? It is a weekday after all, what other excuse do you need.

For the sports nut, Steiner Sports is the way to go. They have a massive selection of sporting memorabilia, and you’re sure to find something to suit every price range, and every team. They even sell original seats from Yankee stadium. The only question left is, do you really love your husband enough to have a living room cluttered with sporting memorabilia or seats from Yankee stadium?.

If the answer is no (and mine sure a hell is), then for something less extravagant, try, an online store which sells a variety of gifts, such as wallets, cufflinks and beer mugs. And the best part is, they rush delivery and personally engrave your gift, with your guy’s name. What could be simpler?

The answer? Amazon probably. From a Kindle to kitchen taps and yes, even the archaic book, Amazon is literally a one-stop shop. If you can’t find something here which will delight your lover, then you really aren’t trying hard enough.

But never fear, if even after all this online shopping, you’re still stuck for inspiration for that perfect gift, check out our gallery below for even more Valentine’s day pressies for him…

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