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Curate a Purposeful Life with Guest Host Casey J

Casey J on GUMEC

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My Caseyism for today is about living a curated life.

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Now, I’m not “young young”, but I’m young. I am on social media a lot and see those really curated feeds where they look perfect in every single picture is edited to perfection, not a hair out of place. I follow a girl whose whole life is yellow—like her whole house, all of her outfits, she even dresses her kids in all yellow. Truthfully, that can sort of be the life that we’re trying to live, right? A really curated and perfect life. A life that is curated for perfection…but the Holy Spirit convicted me about a year ago and he said:

You’re not curating a life for perfection, you’re curating a life that rises to meet the purpose that I have in you. 

So, when I started thinking about curating a life for purpose, I started making decisions a lot differently. I didn’t just think about what looks pretty, what looks perfect, or what people will like. I started thinking what kind of life I would have to live if I do what I know God is calling me to do… 

If God is calling me to be a songwriter, what does that mean? I have to have discipline! 

If God is calling me to be a speaker, what does that mean? I have to perfect my speaking abilities! 

 If God is calling you to be a teacher, what does that mean? You have to go to school! 

 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24)

So, not curating a life for perfection, but curating a life for purpose. What is God calling you to do? And what kind of life will it take to make that happen? I know that was a shift in thought for me, and it’s probably a shift in thought for you, but it is a good shift. We’re not building our house for perfection. We’re not building our lives for people to say that they’re pretty. We’re not building a yellow house. We’re building a life that is going to rise to meet the word of God over our lives. So, what does that mean for you?  

Ask the Lord these 3 questions: 

  1. What am I here for? What are you calling me to do? I’m not just here to live this life and die, I’m here to bring you glory. How can my life bring you glory? 
  2. What can I do to craft my life to match what that purpose is? 
  3. Ask about connection! Ask the Lord to bring to your remembrance, bring to your mind, bring into your pathway relationships that will call you closer to purpose.  

God is calling us a purpose and our life has to match that. I’m curating a life for purpose and I hope that you are too! 


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