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Juan Winans Premieres His New Song ‘More Than Once’ ft. Lisa Winans

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Source: U1 Digital / Urban One


What keeps you what keeps you still motivated and excited about music because we know the industry has changed greatly. You know, we used to sell records. Now it’s trees so people don’t know a million streams. It’s probably $1100. So the history is different. So what keeps you motivated and excited? 



I mean, listen, I got into this when I was 16, when I was 17, I could sing. I knew I could sing, but I didn’t really want to sing because everybody in the family did it. It was odd to me, like, why are y’all doing the same thing I’m doing my thing. 

But then you know something happened in my life, Erica. And I had a friend commit suicide. And that’s the thing where God kind of arrested my heart and said, Juan, listen, I you, I’ve given you a gift. Are you going to be grateful for it? And then what is that gratitude look like in your expression? And so I said, God, if you were to do this, I’ll do it in probably within six months we had a record deal, like things were moving and so I got into this eat because I felt purpose. That is why I’m still in, even if the industry changes, even the weather, the units move differently. The purpose is to say that God gave me a gift and it’s my responsibility to give it back. 



I love that. I love that. And you, you make it about God and not about what? Yeah. 



It’s gotta be. It can’t be about success and material things and it has to be about doing the thing that God told you to do. Yeah, yeah. 



Because the success is cool. But it doesn’t bring the joy that God does when you know that you’re literally being obedient but also changing lives, because your music is ministry. 


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