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Be Quiet Sometimes | Faith Walking

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One thing I know for sure that the Bible is very clear about being quiet and when to stay silent and when to speak up and when not to speak up. I mean, we can clearly look at the life of Jesus when he was being accused right before he went to the cross, and they’re asking questions and they are wrong on every hand on every question. Why wouldn’t he defend himself? Because part of his purpose was to be quiet in that season. 

My message for you today is understand that the Lord will fight for you, right? If God said the word, said vengeance is mine. I will replace his. The Lord. Then that means you don’t have to defend yourself. Fight for yourself. You don’t have to prove somebody wrong. Exodus 1414 says the Lord will fight for you. You only have to be silent. Right. Be still and know that I’m God. I didn’t say go around and tell them how wrong you are. Didn’t say go around and prove them that you’re wrong. Jesus could have very well said he was the son of God. His answers were were very strategic. His answers were very smart and they were trying to get him to say something that would incriminate him well, no matter what he said. He was going to the cross. That was a part of his purpose, but the silence was also on purpose, I want you to take a moment and just pray and say God is silenced. A part of my purpose? 




It will feel unfair. It will feel like you’re wrong. It will feel like someone needs to speak up and say something, but sometimes what God is calling you to do is be quiet. It is OK when God tells you to be quick to hear, slow to speak slow to anger like it says in James 1. Quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger. Sometimes quiet is what you have to be. Ah, take a deep breath. I know that’s not a feel good message, but it’s what the word says. Y’all. Sometimes you just got to be quiet. Hold your peace and let the Lord fight your battles. That’s the song we sang. Victory shall be mine if I hold my peace. Let the Lord fight my battles. Victory shall be mine. Let him fight. God fights better than you anyway. God can do much more than you can do anyway, so let him fix it. Let him deal with it. Let him vindicate you.  

Take a deep breath. Somebody in the car going. I’m sick of Erica Campbell. You hear me? I love y’all. I promise you, I do.  

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