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Tia Mowry’s dating life is often the topic of conversation these days. The beloved actress and stylista is navigating single life as a recently divorced mother of two and updating fans on Instagram. According to Tia Mowry, it’s as challenging as it sounds. But not even the urine-filled dating pool could deter her from seeking happiness.

Tia Mowry has resonated with Black women of all walks of ages since her days on Sister, Sister. Back then, she was playing the studious twin, Tia Landry, who, compared to her sister Tamera Campbell, rather read a book than party. Through social media, we would come to learn that she is more like the outgoing role her sister portrayed in the popular Black girl series. All of which made us fall deeper in love with the humble star.

If there’s anything we learned from the Family Reunion actress, she is dedicated to living her best life and we should take notes. In fact, we did. Tia has dropped many nuggets on her social media account and in interviews like she did in our June cover story.

With so many gems in her belt, here are just a few life lessons we learned from Tia.

Tia Mowry: If It’s Not Serving You, Let It Go

Tia Mowry HelloBeautiful Cover - June/July 'Truth' Issue

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When Tia Mowry suddenly announced her divorce from ex-husband Cory Hardrict, in 2022, fans immediately assumed the All American: Home Coming actor had cheated. According to Tia, that wasn’t the reason for their divorce. After years of therapy, she came to the realization she wasn’t happy. The death of a loved one sent her searching inward and that “woke” her up. “I asked myself, ‘Tia, are you happy?’ And I said, I truly need to find my peace and my happiness. That’s when I went to therapy,” she told Cori Murray in our “Tia Mowry Is Living Her Truth” cover story. While undergoing therapy, Tia said, she “begin to blossom, evolve, learn and grow.” That was an a-ha moment. “I was like, you know what? It’s time to really start living your truth.”

She added, “It didn’t happen overnight, but that took me that long to process everything and realize that it’s okay. Change is constant. It’s okay that if something is no longer aligned or serving you, it’s okay to let go.”

Tia Mowry: Trust The Process

Tia celebrated World Mental Health Day reminding her fans to trust the process. In a montage of footage compiled over the last year, Tia can be seen smiling bright as she pushes through activities like jumping rope, meditating, toasting with her sister and being a mom to her children. “I spent a significant portion of my life attempting to micromanage every aspect of it,” she explained in a detailed caption.

“However, this approach isn’t healthy, and it can lead to disappointment when things don’t unfold exactly as expected. It was only when I started to place trust in the process and relinquish control that life began to improve significantly. This shift allowed me to fully embrace the present moment, both with myself and with my loved ones. I no longer tied my self-esteem to subjective life goals that I felt compelled to achieve. Plus, I felt a tremendous weight lifted from my shoulders.”

Don’t Give Up

How does the saying go?! When the going gets tough, the tough get going?! Despite her fair share of bad dates, Tia is ready to push through, because on the other side of hardship is happiness. Clapping back at haters who questioned why she would leave a marriage that no longer served her just to go back to splitting the tab with someone’s son.

Tia jumped on Instagram to remind then, that she “ain’t that weak” and serve a lewk while doing it. “Just because the dating life is complicated. Doesn’t mean I’m going to go back to something that no longer served me,” she sternly said. “That’s like implementing if I don’t book an audition or a part as an actor RIGHT AWAY I’m going to give up on my dreams. Please just stop. I ain’t that WEAK! Please move on because I have. Thank you NEXT.”

Tia Mowry: Empower Yourself

Through therapy, Tia discovered her own power. “My goal in getting into therapy was finding myself,” she told

The 45-year-old captioned a candid portrait, on Instagram, snapped by Cibelle Levi, “When you empower yourself with unwavering determination, unshakable self-belief, and a steadfast commitment to your goals, you become a force to be reckoned with. This season of my life has made me feel like a force, and stepping into that power has transformed my confidence and how I show up as a powerful woman.”

Prioritize Joyfulness

Sure, Tia makes joyfulness look easy. She is always dressed to impress, rocking a sleek natural style and strutting in shoes that show off her toned stems. The work starts on the inside and Tia is embracing joy.

“Black joy is a beautiful thing,”  she wrote on social media. “Prioritizing joyfulness has been top of mind for me lately, as I want to cherish these beautiful moments I am given! How do you find pockets of joy for yourself?”


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