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The release of the shocking footage of the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols was met with shock ad anger. However, due to the nature of the video, many did not want to be exposed to the mental trauma attached to such disturbing content. To talk the truth about trauma, Dr, Sabrina Jackson returns to the Get Up Church. The mental health expert author, life coach, and ordained evangelist talk about the four types of trauma and what you can do to prevent or work through it.







Four Types Of Trauma


#1: Exposure To Overwhelming Events

Dr. Jackson: That is just one single event that is overwhelming. It could be the loss of a loved one. Or if you’re attacked or something like that, but it’s a one singular event that you yourself are experiencing. 

#2: Extended Exposure To Traumatizing Situations

Dr. Jackson: Oh, so many children have to deal with this and people on their job and that is bullying. You can be bullied over time and that is traumatic for a person to be exposed to negativity over and over and over again. 

#3: Exposure to catastrophic events with long-lasting effects

Dr. Jackson: Oh yes, and so those are the big things. Those are the mass shootings that people have been in, or they’ve been in something that a mass traumatic accident and that a car pile up or someone dies in the accident. So those have long-lasting traumatic events, and oftentimes it creates what we call Post Traumatic stress disorder that maybe you’ve been at war. Things of that nature. 

#4: Secondhand Trauma Indirect Exposure To Tragic events

I think this is the one we really need to really zero in on because when we talk about the Tyre Nichols situation, we weren’t there. But if we watch or even hear about it, it has a traumatic effect on us. So secondhand trauma, we’re not there, but it’s an indirect trauma that we are exposed to. Can I say 9-11? That was secondhand trauma, but Oh my goodness, everybody remembers where they were, and what they were doing when they got that. New yeah. What are some of the things people can do? 




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