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Memphis Reacts To Release Of Police Body Cam Video Of Tyre Nichols' Arrest Prior To His Death Days Later

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Tyre Nichols was on his way home when he was pulled over by the police and unfortunately, it ended with him being fatally beaten by the officers. Many in the Black community fear any interaction with the police for reasons like Nichols, George Floyd, Rodney King, and others who have been assaulted or killed in an officer-related incident. So much so, that parents teach their kids the way to interact with officers in the event that it could go left.

Retired law enforcement officer and award-winning Youth Violence Prevention and Anger Management Specialist, Bruce Griggs joined Erica and GRIFF at the Get Up! Church to explain how to avoid negative interactions with Police. Griggs is also the founder of Operation Correct Start, Incorporated.









The first word spoken by either the officer or the citizen may determine the tone of the whole encounter with law enforcement”

OFFICER GRIGGS: You know a lot of times when people put that badge on and they take that on as a career. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also a difficult profession. Police, when they stop, some people their main goal is to get home alive and free. A lot of officers are killed each year, but now a lot of citizens are starting to be killed each year and what people need to understand initially is that police officers usually have a defensive posture until they make sure that they can control the situation.

And when you stop by a law enforcement officer and your question or you and you are detained, we’ve got to start making sure that we start off with respect instead of disrespect. And I said that those first words are spoken out of your mouth. I’m talking about almost every incident where we’ve had an African American get killed by law enforcement. And the first words might have put. Quailed that situation. Totally, but for some reason, we come out with disrespect and we got to be able to show it. I’m not saying anytime that the police in a lot in these situations that they’ve been right in their actions, but we the main goal of what we do. This workshop called the law on You is to teach people how to get home alive and free. 





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