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It’s the first Monday of 2023 and many are looking at ways to set themselves up for financial freedom. Financial expert Clyde Anderson joined us to give five steps to setting financial goals for 2023. 










No vague goals


We gotta be specific. If this is something we want, for example, is if you say you want to make more money, how often do you want to make more money? What does make more money even mean? We got to define it. What does more mean? So define more for yourself because vague you cannot tell if you’re making progress even so you wanna know at the end of the year we gotta check if you made progress or are you behind on where you want to be.


Make your goals measurable


This is the criteria that says you’ve got to make sure that you’re measuring it because if you’re not measuring it, you have to ask yourself how much do I want to make, how do I know if I can reach my goal, and what is the indicator of progress. How do I know that I’m actually making progress on the goal. Because if I’m not it’s just sort of just running by and doing things and it’s activity. It’s not actually making me or moving closer to the goal so gotta keep track of it and keep a schedule of it. It’s important.


Give yourself a deadline


When you learn to work with deadlines, you become highly effective in not just setting goals but also completing the goals. That’s the key. You know we talked about doing it but the action is the part of how do I complete this and how my measurement of their lives are important because the key to completion you know and the famous saying goes “without deadlines goals are just dreams “and so a lot of us are dreaming out there.


Write your goal down, create a connection and keep it where you see it


This is where you have to own it. You have to make it personal. Are you looking for a filling or fulfillment? This is self-development and you’ve got to determine what is your why. Why do I want or need to accomplish this goal? Why does it even matter and I gotta keep that why in front of me because again it has to be personal. It’s not just generic though this is something I want from my life to improve the life of myself and my family.

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