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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “Happiness Is In Direct Proportion To Gratitude


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As we continue to celebrate our gratitude, which will continue to positively impact your attitude and your attitude we must know that winners think differently. Winners realized that it is not a matter of being happy there creates gratitude but rather the opposite. Is the process of deciding to be grateful that ultimately leads to happiness. Losers focus on things that can make them happy for the short run and think it leads to long-term gratitude but in reality, it is a cause they have gratitude that leads to long-term happiness.

And research studies, people who start their day counting their blessings are those who have greater success, even on tough days. When you find something to be grateful for then you will see that that has an impact on your attitude and your happiness. Try it it works and when you do, you will feel much better.




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