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Many have adapted to a plant-based lifestyle to combat Breast Cancer. With all the additives in our food, research has shown that changing your diet can increase your chances of beating the disease or not getting it at all. Certified nutritionist and owner of Urban Vegan Kitchen in Manhattan, New York, Samantha Bailey joins the Get Up Church to talk about the benefits of a Vegan and Plant-Based lifestyle for women with Breast Cancer.











ERICA: Okay, you say that adopting a plant-based diet will help women and men combat cancer. What does a plant-based diet consist of? And how will it help you fight cancer?

SAMANTHA: It literally led way more of the nutrients that we tend to miss on a regular American standard diet. I’m talking about polyphenols. I’m talking about the flavonoids and all these other little bits of chemistry that in our fruits and vegetables that suppress the growth of tumors and also activate the body’s ability to reduce the chances of them as well.

Tip 1: Change your milk is the easiest thing to do. Is it a cow’s milk, plant-based milk that’s almond or oats or soy and it’s in almost every supermarket at this point in every coffee shop?

Tip 2: Stop on the perimeter of the supermarket. Let’s have about 80% of your groceries be in the produce section.

Tip 3: Limit processed or animal products and processed foods less than once a day if you can, that will really help you on your journey.

Tip 4: Dedicate yourself to getting at least five servings of fresh, steamed, not boiled, fresh servings of fruits and vegetables a day. And if that sounds very hard and challenging to do, definitely put them all in a smoothie.



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