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The threat of the coronavirus has left many of us working from home and/or self-quarantined in an effort to combat the spread of the mysterious virus that originated in Wuhan, China. Every sporting event has been cancelled. Disneyland is closed. NBA players to government officials to Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have caught “the rona.” Clearly, coronavirus is sparing no one. You don’t want to be caught outside unless you have to (and if you do, wash your hands!)

Here’s a few things you can do, at home, to get your mind off the mayhem.

Give Yourself A Manicure

The CDC is recommending social distancing, which means you should probably cancel that spa appointment. If you didn’t get your bi-weekly mani and pedi yet, you might be looking at your nails with more disgust than the person who coughed next to you on the train the other day. It’s time to break out that old nail kit… you know, the one with the clippers, cuticle stick and emory board and follow these simple tips:

Remove any old nail polish. Cut or shape your nails with the nail clippers or emory board. Fill up a basin with warm to hot water and let your nails soak. Use the cuticle stick to push down your cuticles. Follow-up with your favorite lotion, (try this whipped shea butter from Melanin Gold). Finish up by polishing your nails with this gel polish, in “Biscuits & Honey,” from Pear Nova.

Try A New Makeup Tutorial

So there’s this makeup palate you purchased on sample sale, a few weeks ago, that you barely wear. Even though you wanted it so much, it sits in your second makeup bag. Now’s the time to stroke it out. Find a tutorial on a makeup look you’re obsessing over and give it a whirl. Follow the steps and see where it takes you. Make it fun by recording it with your phone as if you’re making your own tutorial.

Take A Bubble Bath

Nothing is more soothing than a candle-lit bubble bath. And if you’re grocery list was like ours, wine and spirits had their rightful place at the top. Pour up a glass and try to relax; as impossible as that may seem. Cop a candle from I Be All Into My Feelings to set the mood.

Use A Face Mask

Beautiful young afro woman with cucumber on eyes

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Face masks can be intimidating by the way they look on Instagram. Every beauty influencer uses them and makes it look really cool in a really calculated IG post. They’re pretty easy and self-explanatory. Basically, cleanse your face first, apply a thick or thin layer (depends on the mask) then rinse. Try out Skin Buttr’s Hydra Mask. Then top with a moisturizer while your skin is still wet. Add some cucumbers over your eyes and really pretend.

Deep Condition Your Hair

TPH By Taraji

Source: TPH By Taraji / Courtesy of TPH by Taraji

Wash day while working from home. You won’t be leaving the house anytime soon, which means you have plenty of time to wash your hair and let it dry. Why not let your leave-in conditioner sit-in a little longer. Taraji P. Henson recently launched her own haircare line in Target (order from your living room, here). Otherwise any shampoo and conditioner will do.


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