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This past Sunday, a young woman, who goes by the name Jenna on Twitter, was singing on stage, in her church choir. Before the performance was over, Jenna went to the bathroom. As she was walking in, an elderly woman, a leader in the church named Bonnie Sue (I kid you not), followed her and started behaving in the most vile manner. Apparently, the woman took issue with the shorts Jenna was wearing on stage.

Those of us who have been raised in church know that older members often adhere to strict dress codes. And while there are debates about the spiritual necessity of wardrobe requirements, I think we can all agree that the way this church leader followed and berated this young woman was very un-Christlike.

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Later, Jenna shared more context about the moment, saying that the conversation began with the woman telling her “fat girls don’t wear shorts like that.”
Jenna shared the outfit she wore the day the woman followed her into the bathroom, including the shorts she said her mother bought for her to wear.

She made sure to note that the back of her shirt spoke about Agape love, which the woman did not show that day.

In the update Jenna provided, she stated that Bonnie Sue was removed from leadership in the church, which proves that one, it never hurts to mind your own business and two, when you behave poorly and hurtfully, in the name of God, there will be consequences.

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