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Do you fear certain things in life? Erica Campbell shared one of her favorite scriptures which says, “Perfect love cast out fear.” She spoke about how we shouldn’t want fear based love.

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Some people might say if you don’t treat someone right they can leave you. Erica mentioned that she is not a fan of this at all. She believes if someone you’re with will be happier with someone else then you should go be with them because it could feel like you’re waisting your time.

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Both parties should want to be there for that commitment. Erica spoke about the only thing she fears is the enemy trying to get involved. Don’t let fear take over your relationships and the love you have for someone. People sometimes say that they are scared to love because the person won’t be here forever.

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Erica said that no one is going to be here forever. You must love the person as much as you can while their here. God’s design is to love and not out of fear and always remember that!

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