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best ice cream atlanta

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You scream I scream we all scream for ice cream, especially here in the hottest city in Georgia. Here in Atlanta we experience some extremely hot summers and this one is the hottest on record yet. These extreme temperatures leave us desperately searching for ways to stay cool and what other perfect way to catch a break from those summer rays than to grab a frosty cold treat like ice cream! Atlanta is home to a huge array of ice cream shops from your local mom and pop shops to huge franchises like Baskin & Robbins, however only a few reigns supreme over the others. Atlanta’s top ice cream shops will definitely keep you cool an refreshed throughout the year.

  Krog Street Market is located in Inman Park near the Edgewood BeltLine trail houses a huge range of restaurants. One of the most popular shops in the market is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, home of the Brambleberry Crisp pint! This ice cream shop is one of four in the Atlanta Metro area. This shop prides itself on not using any synthetic flavoring or off the shelf flavoring making each scoop clean, fresh and creamy. Jeni’s unique variety of flavors combined with high quality ingredients is what keeps customers coming back for more!

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Queen of Ice Cream opened in Old 4th Ward on Highland avenue in September of 2015. This quirky ice cream joint pasteurizes its creams own bases and sources locally grown ingredients to bring their flavors to life. Queen of Ice Cream has a menu that includes not only just their standard flavors like, Brown Butter Pecan, it also showcases special ones for each month like Ooey Gooey Buttercake. This ice cream sends its fans over the edge with their delicious creative flavors so much that the company offers catering for parties.

best ice cream atlanta

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Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream has been a staple to Edgewood plaza ever since its grand opening in 2008. This ice cream spot has caught the attention of food critics from all over. Their distinct flavors like Dark Chocolate Chili and Cream Cheese Guava leave customers with a cool tasty relief from the summer heat. The ice cream shop even gives back to the community that supports it by donating to local schools. Not only does Morelli’s offer ice cream, they even have a variety of ice cream cakes to choose from too! So, if you want a scoop or a slice Morelli’s is the summer oasis for you.

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King of Pops is a true Atlanta trademark and from its debut in 2010 the company has developed over 500 popsicle flavors. Their wide variety of flavors change from season to season always giving customers the opportunity to try something new. The company has mobile carts around the city and has a bar open in Ponce City Market where they developed a new ice cold treat the poptail. The combination of their amazing popsicles and refreshing cocktails brings down the heat and satisfy the taste buds at the same time. The company has even developed a recipe for our furry friends! King of Pups is a treat just for your dog, so you and your pet friend can beat the heat together.

Atlanta is full of amazing ice cream shops here for you when that summer heat gets too crazy to handle. No matter where you are in the city a good ice cream shop is not far from you!

Words by: sydnee evans 

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