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I’m J.R. Davis and I’m addicted to football. I’ll jump back to this in a bit.

First, I want to say now that former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has EVERY right to legally protest systematic oppression. Also, this was NOT a protest against the National Anthem. This has been made clear on many occasions but of course, people want to make it about the flag and it isn’t. Many decided to protest the NFL by not watching games because Kap wasn’t “forced” to stand. Others are not watching because Kap has in effect been blackballed. Kap currently has a collusion case pending against the NFL.

However, to give a couple of reasons why I continued to watch Football for the 2017-18 season even though Kaepernick didn’t get a job Some of you might hate these reasons. Might call me a sellout but you know what? I know my truth and only God can judge me. First Off:

My team didn’t need a quarterback.

I am a fan of the Chicago Bears. That team drafted their QB of the Future with the second pick of the 2017 NFL draft. We didn’t need Kap. I know fans of the teams that have great quarterbacks felt the same way. Plus I really don’t care about other teams situation. #BearDown or nothing at all. Might want to talk to Browns and Jets fans on that one.

He knew the risks

If you think Colin didn’t prepare for this then you gotta read 48 Laws of Power. Did you really think he could kneel during the National Anthem and not get flak? Former NBA player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf didn’t stand for the national anthem and was suspended 2 games. His career was never the same and even though he was very talented he was out the league soon after. Should I retroactively remove myself from enjoying a league who by the rule will not allow any player to not stand for the anthem?

Which leads me to another reason.

I’d have to boycott other leagues.

Rauf boycotted and it hurt him. In 1992, Craig Hodges gave a letter to President George Bush about his thoughts and concerns with the office and teams shied away from him. Baseball seems to have a problem of taking advantage of Latino baseball hopefuls in the Caribbean. Baseball player Curt Flood fought for the right to become a free agent, going as far as the Supreme Court and paid a hefty price. Pretty much both were blackballed in some fashion.

Michael Jordan is the only Black owner of a Major Pro Sports league and you want me to stop watching football?

So other players are going to play right?

What about the other players in the league? Will they step up? Why won’t they? Are you going to put your career on the line for Kap? They have a players union who are supposed to fight for players grievances daily. Kap should be playing. If they don’t fight I should stop watching the game?

Eh… Naw fam… which leads me to my addiction.

I’m J.R. Davis and I’m addicted to football.

Every since I was 6-years-old and saw my first game I was addicted. As I got other I played in High School. I love to hit people. I love competition and the NFL gives me that. Fantasy football gives me the chance to look at the game differently and get money at the same time. I’m not letting go of that.

However, I was very supportive of Colin. The work he had done through the foundation. Through his Million Dollar Pledge, Kap with the help of numerous celebs raised millions of dollars. For others who did boycott I hope you supported or at least donated to a charity fighting for people’s rights, donated time or money. I know I did.

The conversations he has started was and is amazing. He could have started for the Browns and Jets. Yes, he could have been a backup but did we really want that? Hold a clipboard? Do you want a QB whose touchdown to interception ratio is top 5 in NFL History to be relegated to the bench just to have a job?

Nope. If I want to see Kap play I want to see him start and be successful and only a handful of teams supplied that option.

The first Football game I can remember watching just so happen to be all-time great Walter Payton’s NFL game. The Chicago Bears lost a close game to Washington’s football team 21-17. I can remember Payton being on the sidelines with his head in his hands knowing this was it. Season and career are done. You did all you could and now it’s time for the next chapter in your life but what exactly is that?

So when I think of Colin Kaepernick and know that his last career game may not be because of all of the miles of hits or age was and is disappointing. To know that it’s because of a stance that he took to help others makes it even worse. However, he has the next chapter of his career and millions will be better because of it. Fight on Colin, fight on.

Feel free to tweet me at @JRBANG. I got time today.

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