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Republicans are celebrating the passing of the disastrous tax  bill. It’s the one piece  of major legislation the Trump administration has been able to pass and, arguably, the most dangerous. Sadly, the bill pumps up the lie of trickle down economics, helping corporations instead of the middle-class, and will destroy the cornerstone of Obamacare, the individual mandate.  In addition, the bill will reportedly add $1.4 trillion to the deficit. Well, as Trump said in 2004, “”I’ve been around a long time. And it just seems the economy does better under the Democrats than under Republicans.”

One Republican who is celebrating is Dr. Ben  Carson. How did  the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development — a title that makes no sense — celebrate? Well, by prayer. He thanked his kind  Father in heaven “for a President and for cabinet members who are courageous, who are willing to face the winds of controversy in order to provide a better future for those who come behind us.” Winds of controversy? Trump is the wind, bruh.

He also said they were thankful for the so-called “unity in Congress” and “We hope that unity will spread even beyond party lines so that people recognize that we have a nation that is worth saving and recognize that nations divided against themselves cannot stand.” If you can stomach it, watch the madness below:

Just wonderful. A bunch of rich people thanking God that they are only going to get richer.

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